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Your Rights as a child of God!

Do you know your rights as a child of God?

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Walk in the Spirit!

Have a deeper relationship with the Spirit of God!

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6 Rewards of Drawing Near to God

Drawing near to God isn’t just a religious exercise or a duty—it’s a path to great reward!

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Daily Devotional

Get Yourself Together by Kenneth Copeland

When it comes to faith, a lot of believers feel like they have one foot nailed to the ground. No...

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Question of the Day

Question of the Day

Is praying for the same thing more than once acting in doubt?

Not always, but it can be. The good news isthat it’s not hard to recognize the difference.First, let’s establish this:...

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2018 Prophetic Word

2018 is the Year of the Holy Ghost and fire. The Big 18 for 2018: 9 fruits of the Spirit; 9 gifts of the Spirit.” That time...

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Real Help

Real Help

VIDEO: The Prosperous Life

Listening to the Word about prosperity will strengthen your faith! Watch as Gloria talks about how prosperity includes so much more than just finances.

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Believers’ Academy

Believer’s Academy Series

There are several keys things you need to know as you pursue the Christian life…things like Faith, How to Hear God’s Voice, and of course, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! Enjoy these short yet powerful teachings on 10 aspects of the Christian Life. You’ll be glad you did!

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You are not alone! Safely connect with believers, grow together, join groups, network. 

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