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Daily Devotional

Daily Devotion

Don't Be Stony Ground by Kenneth Copeland

There seems to be an abundance of "stony ground" Christians these days. Initially, they get excited about the Word of...

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Question of the Day

Question of the Day

Is there any spiritual significance to the world’s unsettling events?

Actually, what we are experiencing are the results of a principle that has been with us since Creation—the law of...

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Covenant Partner Report

Together we change the world. See how we did it.

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Real Help

Real Help

Speak God's Truth for Your Total Healing

When you feel weak, the power of Christ is there to make you strong! Speak this confession of healing and know He has healed ALL your sickness and disease.

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Believers’ Academy

Believers' Academy

Speak God’s Word – Get His Results – Series 1

The words you speak make a difference!

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From our Community

Our Community

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“It’s a great way to connect with other Partners who live near you or across the World. It’s a safe place to be social.”

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