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Bulldog Faith – Free Audio Download

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Kenneth Copeland’s Personal Notes New Testament Bible – was R499 NOW R299

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Get your April 2016 BVOV magazine today!

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Daily Devotional

Daily Devotion

A Happy New Year by Kenneth Copeland

Today people everywhere are gathering together to celebrate the first bright moments of the new year.Yet, for thousands of others,...

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Question of the Day

Question of the Day

How can I pray for my kids to get better grades?

Here is one suggested prayer, based on promises in the Bible:Father, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You today...

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Covenant Partner Report

Together we change the world. See how we did it.

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Real Help

Real Help

Scriptures for How to Receive Communion

The Communion table is an emblem of Jesus’ sacrifice for us. When you receive it, be ready to partake of everything Jesus’ sacrifice provided—salvation, peace of mind, healing and total prosperity.

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Believers’ Academy

Believers' Academy

Speak God’s Word – Get His Results – Series 1

The words you speak make a difference!

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From our Community

Our Community

KCM Partner Community

“It’s a great way to connect with other Partners who live near you or across the World. It’s a safe place to be social.”

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