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Learn How to Use God’s #1 Weapon: HIS WORD

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Daily Devotional

Daily Devotion

A Little Every Day by Kenneth Copeland

If you’re going to grow in the kingdom of God, you’re going to do it just like a seed that’s...

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Question of the Day

Question of the Day

Can I use my tithe to purchase Christian teachings?

Purchasing ministry materials and tithing are two different things, even if a portion of your purchase goes to support a...

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Authority of the Believer

The Authority of Jesus is available to you! Learn how to use it in this Believers’ Academy course...

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Real Help

Real Help

Put Action to Your Faith!

There's no greater weapon than your faith! Put it into action today with this powerful prayer.

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Believers’ Academy

Believers' Academy

Speak God’s Word – Get His Results – Series 1

The words you speak make a difference!

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Our Community

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