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Daily Devotional

Live Like Jesus by Kenneth Copeland

The truth of this verse hasn't really dawned on most people. They mistakenly think that Jesus was able to work...

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Question of the Day

Question of the Day

Is it wrong to file for bankruptcy?

First, let us encourage you in what the Word says about God’s plans for you. His plans are for your...

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2019 The Year of Abundant Harvest

What about this 2019? How can the marvels and the wondrous works take place? What brings these wonderful works and miracles?

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Real Help

Real Help

Does God Want Me Healed?

God does not play favorites. It is His will and desire for you to be healed. Period. See scriptural proof.

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Believers’ Academy

Believer’s Academy Series

There are several keys things you need to know as you pursue the Christian life…things like Faith, How to Hear God’s Voice, and of course, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! Enjoy these short yet powerful teachings on 10 aspects of the Christian Life. You’ll be glad you did!

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